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Pushkar Tourism

Pushkar, the famous for the only Brahma temple of the globe is located in Rajasthan and is a favored destination of North India. Hundreds of foreigners throng this place all through the year due to its unique appeal and splendid beauty. During Pushkar fair, tourists flock Pushkar. However, fair is not the only time of the year when tourism flourishes. Pushkar is the flavour and attraction of every season.

Pushkar according to Hinduism is a pilgrimage site and is considered one of the holiest sites in India. According to Hindu Mythology, the semicircular Pushkar Lake is extremely holy. The lake has 52 bathing ghats or steps along its banks. Devotees take their holy bathe in Pushkar Lake and pray at the Temple dedicated to Lord Brahma nearby.
Noise is antonym of the town of Pushkar. When you reach the Ghats, particularly the Ghats near the Sarovar Tourist Bungalow; you discover the air of refreshment and losehis tiredness of your journey. Pushkar is situated at the foot of the hills which magnifies its natural beauty. Five rivers, Suprabha, Kanaka, Prachi Nanda, and Saraswati have their sacred confluence here and make the place more serene and artistic.

The famous camel festival adds magic to the atmosphere surcharged with activity at Pushkar. During Pushkar Fair the transition of Pushkar from a peaceful desert town is absolute. Pilgrims, traders and tourists in thousands make their presence felt in a strong way. At this point of time, Hotels and restaurants are full to the capacities.

Visit Pushkar and enjoy the perfect blend of tranquility and beauty.

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