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Mumbai’s the city that never sleeps, the city where dreams are so crowded that you never find yourself alone showcases a special appeals for visitors from all walk of life. The history of Mumbai can be attributed to those fateful days when Portuguese taking it over from the mighty Mughals gifted as dowry to the English crown Prince. Mumbai, the city of dreams is rightly named so because the pace of life here is in advance the international clock.

Mumbai, special in many ways like the financial capital of India, glamour of Bollywood stars, cricket on weekends, spicy bhelpuri at Chowpatty and red double-decker buses, unparalled stories wealth & prosperity, suburban trains that ferry millions in a matter of hours will offer enough reasons to love it
Located in the west coast of India, the island of Mumbai is famous for its harbour, a wide bay between the city and mainland. Mumbai has been natural shipping and trading centre through all of its short history. Due to moderating influence of the sea, the temperature in Mumbai undergoes little seasonal fluctuations.

Though the recent terrorist attacks have tarnished the image of Mumbai, still the dreams and courage of its inhabitants became the nourishing threads and made the city- the land of fun and cacophony once again. Welcome to Mumbai, where the pace of life is in ambiance with the pace of dreams.

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