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Khajuraho Tourism

Khajuraho, the poetry on stone is a famous temple city of central India has a unique tourist attraction due to its exquisitely carved temples in stones. Thousands of visitors and tourists from allover the world flock together to envisage this immortal saga of Hindu art and culture engraved in stone by shilpies (stone craftsmen) a millennium ago.

Why Khajuraho is special? The visitor to Khajuraho gets lost in the vivid erotic sculptures on the temples walls engraved to showcase the deepest desire of mankind in a redefined manner. The sculptures are mithunas(as per Hindu texts) or images showing couples in various erotic poses. Some of the historians are of the view that a man and woman in erotic embrace typify the ultimate union of body and soul. It is also believed that such erotic figures save the temple from beings struck by the lightening. The reason given for this is that Indra, the Hindu Mythological Lord of rain and thunder bolt who himself is a great connoisseur of Kama, will not damage anything pertaining to this form of human art.

The magnanimous presence of erotic sculptures shows that there were no taboos or inhibitions against sex as we have now. The artists of India at that time took a healthy view of things and gave sex its requisite place after vivid analysis. According to sacred Hindu texts, Kama or pursuit of sexual pleasure was deemed to be one of the four legitimate aims of life. Therefore, this form of art was not regarded as abnormal, vulgar or unnatural.

Explore Khajuraho and be a part of the India’s architectural splendor.

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