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Kerala Tourism

Kerala, God’s own county, the mesmerizing land of backwater and houseboats, is one of the top tourist spots in India which is well-known for its natural beauty and air-purified environment. Kerala, better known as a green strip of land, lies in the West corner of the Indian Peninsula and is also regarded as one of the top tourist spots of the country. Some of its tourist attractions are its natural beauty, art forms, cultural diversity and the Ayurveda, Spa and other natural healing therapies.

The name Kerala evokes the scenery of the green and lush fields and trees, dense evergreen forest and the never ending backwaters in mind. Today Kerala is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Kerala, the land of supreme natural beauty has a lot of things to offer to tourists. Kerala has a unique and varied culture, which always keeps a strong traditional value.

Kerala is blessed natural gifts that attracts tourist to this small and beautiful state in South India.Tourists from all parts of the globe travel to Kerala to enjoy an Indian holiday on the magnetic beaches, backwaters and hills of Kerala. Tourists also visit Kerla to see its wildlife sanctuaries, historic cities and temples. Stressed out urban dwellers have a real opportunity to rejuvenate themselves at the ayurveda spas and resorts in Kerala. On their Indian Holiday they discover why Kerala is truly “God’s own country.”

Visit Kerala and explore the supremacy of nature and beauty in a redefined manner.

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