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Kerala Houseboats

If you want a tranquil experience in the God’s own country of Kerala, riding the misty backwaters of Kerala on a houseboat. The sparkling stretches of vibrant water and surrounding greens shroud one in a mist of illusion. Kerala Houseboats are truly the perfect way of exploring Kerala and its wondrous coastline and backwaters. Traditional houseboats in Kerala are equipped with all modern facilities. However they do not compromise on old world charm and simplicity.

Whether it’s a day’s stay or a month-long cruise, houseboats in Kerala offer a really exciting way to experience the fascinating ecology of Kerala. You can also get a feel of the fabulous fishing and coastal culture of Kerala. There are several types of houseboats available for tourists. There is ample choice for both leisure and business tourists. One can choose from single bed houseboats, six bedroom houseboats, conference houseboat, AC deluxe, and non-AC houseboats.

Originally meant to transport rice and agricultural produce from the backwaters and the coastal ports, houseboats in Kerala are now the hottest attraction for the tourists the most. In the past twenty years, many of these boats have been transformed into houseboats for tourists that offer luxurious accommodation as you tread slowly through the brilliant Kerala backwaters.

House boats calling! Come and explore the backwater of kerala.

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