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Shimla Tourism

Want to voyage the colonial remanats of India in a better way? Shimla is the destination.

By showcasing the magnificent hang-over of the British Raj, the cool environs of Shimla still remain the biggest magnet for tourists from different parts of India and world. This city blends the best of what the British created, and mixed it with the quintessentially Indian style. Every summer in Shimla is special and thousands of people from the plains enjoy themselves to the hilt of this famous summer retreat.

The independent India has been generous enough towards Shimla and not pulled down the remnants of colonial architecture – instead we have punished it to the extreme by adding concrete high rises, swanky stores and fast food joints – elbowing out the colonial shops and tea houses. Life moves on regardless and so do Shimla and its artistic beauty.

The advent of the dizzy 60s witnessed a joyous cavorting of Bollywood stars to Shimla- in the 90s it took a serious look at the ghastly impact of over-development – and in the 21st century it started setting in place protective measures for its heritage and environment. The good thing is change did not occur on all fronts. There’s still a plenty of the old Shimla, away from the tangled pleasures of the modern Mall culture.

For nature lovers from all walks of life, the Ridge of Shimla is another wonderful option. It is a vast open area lying in the center of the town. Mesmerizing views of mountain ranges can be viewed at ease from this place. The Chadwick Falls are surrounded by dense and lush forests and lie at a distance of seven kilometers from the popular Summer Hill junction. Ideally positioned on the Shimla-Kalka railway line, Summer Hill is pictorial place, surrounded by peaceful ambiance of nature and tranquility.

Visit Shimla and explore the beauty of nature in a unique way.

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