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North India Hill Stations

North India is the home to lots of hill stations that are considered to be the best in terms of natural beauty and perfect destinations for a change. The amazing thing about these hill stations is that you can choose a specific according to your choice and if you are looking for a honeymoon destination, then these hill stations will serve you in the right way to make your special tour one more intimate one.

First of all, you can visit Gulmarg hill station which is in Jammu and Kashmir in North India. If you want to spend some time in the lap of nature with your partner, the hill stations of uttar Pradesh, Uttranchal, and Himachal Pradesh will be the best place for you to come. Here you will come across some of the best landscapes. Also, this is not the only place to visit in north India as this part is considered to be the Aladdin’s cave where you can find treasures of all sorts of natural beauty. Patnitop Hill Station is the other place to go for honeymoon. This hill station will not only take you closer to the best piece of natural beauty, but it will also provide you the opportunities to spend some time in different adventurous activities.

Aerosports and Trekking are the things that you can really enjoy at this hill station. Srinagar Hill Station is the third hill station that you can find in North India and this is the best hill station in terms of facilities. Here, you can find some good places for accommodation along with some best facilities to shop around. It is considered to be the best romantic place, so, when in Srinagar Hill Station, don’t forget to visit some of the beautiful lakes in there as this is the best thing that you will find in this “City of Lakes”.

Apart from these hill stations, there are some of the places which are not only famous for tourists, but a large number of people from all over the India come for honeymoon at these hill stations. Shimla Hill Station is certainly one of those places where you can come across throngs of people. So, if you want to spend time making new friends, then Shimla Hill Station is the best place for you to go. Also, this hill station is one of those in India where you can find all sorts of facilities for you. Markets and bazaars are the other thing that makes this place more amazing as they provide the opportunity to shop around and get something special for your family and friends.

Enjoy your stay at North India at its exotic hill stations.

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