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South India Festivals

India, the land of tradition and culture is known world wide for its strict religious observances that borders around orthodoxy. And the south India is no exception.

Known for their love for religion, tradition and culture and ritualistic lifestyle South Indians celebrate every festival with pomp and ceremony with vibrant music, classical dance and theatrical performances, a number of interesting rituals, grand processions, decorations and fireworks.

Ugadi, the New Year festival of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka is considered one of the four most auspicious days in the year to start new ventures and a perfect day for the beginning. It is believed that Lord Brahma created the world on this day. The festival for the tourists, Deccan Festival of Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh is celebrated every year on 25th February. The 5-day long festival showcases the rich culture, arts and crafts of Deccan India along with the Nawabi cuisine and cultural programs such as Ghazals, qawwalis and mushairas.

Hampi, the festival of dance and music infuses new life in its ruins of stone temples, elephant stables, barracks and palaces of Vijaynagar Empire. The Government of Karnataka organizes it and it features dance, drama, music, fireworks, puppet shows and fabulous processions. Festivals of Kerala show the religious institutions of the state and its processions feature bedecked Indian elephants and beautiful and creative fireworks.

Be a part of the festivals of south India and know the culture better.

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