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East India Festivals

Fairs and Festivals are the intrinsic part of Indian culture and east India is no exception. Festivals in east India are observed in the hue and colour in the sketch of real India and reflect the culture, customs and traditions that belong to that region of India. Each celebration has a reason, season and presiding deity that makes it unique in number of ways.

Durga puja West Bengal
Durga Puja is one of the largest and most splendid festivals in the country. Community pujas (prayer service) in Bengal are organized in every joy, pomp and ceremony. .Families visits each other and spread the communal goodwill. On Bijoya Day, idols of goddess Durga are taken in elaborate processions and immersed in the river or sea.

Bihu, Assam
The festival ushers in the New Year, with dancing, music and feasting. There are three such festivals in Assam in the months of Bohang (April), Maagh (January), and Kaati (Kartik or October). Each Bihu coincides with a distinctive phase in the farming calendar. The Bohang or the Festival of Merriment ushers in the period of greatest enjoyment and marks the arrival of spring.

Rath Yatra(cart festival)
Every year in July, the sacred coastal town of Puri celebrates the Rath Yatra of Lord Jagannath. According to popular legend, Lord Jagannath is said to have expressed his desire to visit his birthplace. Gundicha Ghar. This is a festival of greater inclusion and humanity

Hornbill Festival, Nagaland
The festival showcases Nagaland’s heritage in all its diversity and grandeur in a splendid way. It is a tribute to the Hornbill the most revered bird of the Naga tribes.

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