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Shin Shiva Ayurvedic Resort Kerala

Surrounded by the towering palm trees swaying with the cool wind coming off the seamlessly laying Arabian Sea, Shin Shiva Ayurvedic Resort is situated at Chowara in Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala. Nestled amidst the enchanting and serene moods of nature of Kerala, the resort is well founded on the strict protocols of Ancient India’s medicinal system. This resort apart from providing permanent cure to several ailments also serves a perfect gateway to enjoy the Kerala’s natural and cultural vigour, freshness and vibrancy. And thus making the holiday rejuvenating as well as engrossing one.

Confirming the principles of Indian Ayurvedic System, Shin Shiva Ayurvedic Resort has maintained its accommodation facilities so as to maximize the healing effects of its Ayurvedic treatments. There are specially built cottages that carry an authentic aura about them. To give them their authenticity these cottages are provided with thatched roof and a close to nature location, so that rejuvenation of body and soul become all through the stay process, not only limited to treatment rooms. Further, the resort has rooms that are artistically well designed and that carry an aesthetic taste. These rooms are fully facilitated with every kind of facilities that guests coming from distant parts of the world may need. With all those amenities, guests are helped with 24-hours room service and round the clock active telecommunication facilities. The resort also owns open air Yoga Centre, fully equipped Treatment rooms, lush Gardens with constructed pavements, Herbal Nursery and Travel Help Desk.

The Ayurvedic Restaurant in this resort takes great care of the diets of guests. Here you get all varieties of cuisines and the food is made by natural ingredients. Guest either can choose to go as per the diet prescribed by the Ayurvedic doctor or he can choose from the menu as per the guidance provided by the expert staff. The staffs attend the guests individually and advise them as per the treatment that the guest is undergoing. The food at resort mainly consists of vegetarian and is made by chefs from the completely pure natural ingredients.

There are varied packages available at Shin Shiva Ayurvedic Resort that are aimed at uprooting all the causes effecting the ailment and thus providing the deep and long lasting treatment. Some of the prominent packages are Body Immunization, Beauty Care Programme, Panchakarma Programme, Body Purification Therapy, Slimming Programme, De Addictions, Rejuvenation Therapy and Anti Ageing Treatment.

Shin Siva basically provides treatments for a variety of diseases including skin diseases, brain diseases, mental disorders, spleen problems, gastric complaints, uro-genital diseases, infertility, immune deficiency and a lot more.

Even patients who are claimed terminally ill by modern medicinal system and who are still going through debilitating treatments are greeted here with permanent treatments. Such type of treatments include Abyangam, Kadi vasti, Siro Dhara, Nasyam, Ela Kizhi, Dhanya Kizhi, Siro vasthi, Udwarthanam and Tharpanam. Besides these disease specific treatments, the resort also offers packages that are therapeutic and are provided for rejuvenation, longevity, body care etc. Apart from this, resort also conducts yoga and meditation sessions that are organized under the strict guidance of Yoga experts.

To make the guests’ stay a memorable one, resort also offers various sightseeing tours for which travel requirements are also fulfilled the resort’s travel desk.

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