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Kairali Ayurvedic Health Resort

Inheriting the potent healing power of Ayurveda from Ancient India, Kalari Kovilakom is magnificently restored best Ayurveda house in Kerala. The grand Kalari Kovilakom Palace is situated in the capital town of Kollengode in Kerala and is sacredly nestled in the dense foothills of Annamalai range. There are two airports that provide you access to this majestic ayurveda castle. One is Coimbatore Airport with a distance of 75 kms and another is Cochin International Airport with a distance of 105 kms. Palghat Railway Station is also a good option, which can take you on Mumbai- Trivandrum route.

Built in 19th century, Kalari Kovilakom is a serene foundation of a spa, ayurvedic hospital and an ashram. The palace follows strict protocols as notified by the ancient Indian medical system. This well designed ayurveda retreat brings forth a unique Ayurvedia Rejuvenation Therapy that is based on 14, 21 and 28 day wonderful Ayurveda experiences. Here you get several Rejuvenative and therapeutic programmes like Anti-ageing treatments, Beauty and Skin treatments and Anti-stress therapies. Ayuveda is incomplete without yoga, and so the centre also specializes in personalised yoga sessions. Apart from this, you get here excellent training and demonstrations of Kalaripayattu. Also learn here Kerala’s traditional Martial Art from the martial art experts.

Basically this grand Ayurvedic retreat has total of 18 palatial suites, which are built in order to give the guests amazing feel of living in ancient heritage palace. The palace is divided into two wings; one is the Old Guest Wing, which has rooms built as per 20s colonial western elegance while another is the Palace Wing, which exhibits the skilful refinement of traditional Kerala architecture, ‘Zenana’. The Ayurveda treatment rooms of this centre cater to 10 persons at a time. There are built a well conceived Ayurvedic beauty therapy centre and Yoga, meditation and chanting hall. For book readers, the palace has a well stocked library and a traditional Kalari arena where you can spend your past time while reading your book or mere contemplating. You can also breathe in some fresh air in the expansive gardens of the centre where you could also name some authentic Ayuvedic herbs. For entertainment, the retreat organizes several music and cultural performances that give you glimpse into the culture of South Indian.

With the right type massage, medicated baths, herbal diets and Ayurvedic regimen, Kalari Kovilakom showers on you the perfect Ayurveda experience that detoxifies you body and deeply heals you mind and soul and thus bring back the much required vitality in your life. Enjoy the stay!

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