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Ideal Ayurvedic Resort

Located nearby the pristine Chowara beach on the beautiful Malabar coastline of Kerala, Ideal Ayurvedic Resort is a superb gateway for an authentic Ayurvedic experience. Nestled under the palm trees swaying in cooling atmosphere, the resort is just 5 minutes walk from the beach. As a place surrounded with peaceful ambiance, covered with beautiful colours of nature and vibrancy of South Indian culture, the resort presents a full orientation to deeply inhale and experience and regain inner peace and stability.

The Ayurvedic resort is easily accessible through three modes. The resort lies at a distance of approximately 20kms from the Trivandrum International Airport, Trivandrum Central Railway Station and the Bus Station. Apart from being an Ayurvedic centre, the resort brings to fore a wonderful opportunity to explore the vividness & the beauty of land and learn about the South Indian culture thereby giving a wholesome holiday experience. It also provides complimentary pick-up and drop-off service from the guests’ point of arrival and arranges tours for them if asked for.

Beautified by the greenery and the brilliant freshness in nature, Ideal Ayurvedic Resort is much appraised for its accommodation facilities that provide an overwhelming homeliness to the guests. The resort consists of a main guesthouse, four traditional Keralan style cottages and an immense treatment centre. There are total of 10 uniquely designed and fully facilitated double rooms. These rooms are decorated beautifully and provided with an artistic taste and all of them carry an unmatched elegance. Open air dining area underlines the specialty of this resort in which the dining area opens into the close-to-nature courtyard. Guests can either go as per the diet recommended by the doctors or can order their own selection, with the expert staff always present to advise on the suitability of food as per the treatment programme.

After taking a comprehensive study of the individual guest’s healthy conditions and undertaking the faults in the boy systems, the team of expert Ayurvedic doctors advises the particular Ayurvedic treatment. The resort offers a broad range of Ayurvedic treatments and specific body care packages. These treatments complemented with the warmth and care ensures a deep and complete healing and rejuvenation of mind, body and soul. Apart from this, the resort also offers facilities for yoga and meditation in order to relax, detox, distress and completely rejuvenate the body system.

Being situated in Kerala, the ‘God’s own country’, the resort has many advantages for converting a relaxing tour into an all over unique holiday experience. Adorned with pristine azure beaches, picturesque backwaters, adventures of wildlife, colourful cultural distinction and a lot more, Kerala has more than anything to offer each visitor. To make the visit to India a rather relaxing and entertaining one, the resort offers a lot of sightseeing tours. These tours are Kollam Village Tour, Backwaters Tour, Cape Tour and Mountain Tour. Besides sightseeing the resort also displays Kerala’s art and culture through mesmerising Cultural Shows like Kathakali, Mohiniyattom and Kalaripayattu.

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